In life, success is the preferred outcome. In emergency management, success should be the only outcome. You can’t afford to uncover faults in your preparedness plans mid-crisis. 

Continuity of Operations

Our experts possess comprehensive skill sets in the continuity arena, including the implementation of Business Continuity Planning (BCP). By applying our time-tested processes, we develop adaptive programs to fit each client’s individual needs. 

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Planning for response and recovery is only half the solution; the other half is preventing disruption and protecting infrastructure. MSA can develop, update and maintain your Critical Infrastructure Protection program. We provide: risk and vulnerability assessment, gap analysis, strategic recommendations for implementation plans. As well as project management and coordination with multiple jurisdictions. 

Exercise Design, Development, and Support

From large Federal agencies to small counties and colleges, MSA has extensive experience performing training and conducting exercises with agencies of all sizes. Our preparedness training and exercises are customized to meet the need of your organization. 
Using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Exercise and Evaluation Program Manual as a starting point, our certified analysts mastered the development and management of every exercise activity. 
  • Exercise concept
  • Exercise and ground truth scenarios
  • Exercise plan
  • Controller instructions
  • Master Scenario Event List (MSEL)
  • Evaluation tools and methodology
  • Recruiting and training for evaluators
Exercise events are developed for specific scenarios and delivery to participants focuses on pre-approved exercise objectives. This targeted approach enhances the sense of realism required to train participants effectively.

Preparation of Post-Exercise Report

Behaving like an independent auditor, MSA assembles a post-exercise report, also known as an after-action report (AAR). The AAR provides complete documentation of your organization’s participation in the exercise—including exercise objectives (internal and external), participant lists, participant feedback, and recommended corrective actions. 

Occupant Emergency Planning

An Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP) minimizes the negative impact of emergencies to personnel and property. We provide guidance and support through every phase of the OEP development process, using industry best-practices and collaborating with local first responders, law enforcement, public works entities and other building tenants.

Risk and Impact Assessments

Our clients provide a multitude of services to the American people and can not afford to wait for a crisis to determine which services must be continued during an emergency. The Homeland Security & Emergency Management team exceeds federal continuity requirements by conducting risk and impact assessments using an industry proven and client customized approach. 

Relevant Past Performance

  • Lead, designed, facilitated, and controlled over 100 full-scale, functional, and/or tabletop exercises. This includes not limited to: TOPOFF, TOPOFF CPX, Forward Challenge, and Pinnacle series, Active Shooter, Hazardous Material, Cyber Security and Pandemic exercises.
  • Participated in the National Level Exercise/Eagle Horizon (15X) - Every client that set the goal to achieve "Green" scores achieved it with our support!!
  • Provided support to over 10 Federal agencies with their Continuity of Planning (COOP) needs.

Questions about our TT&E services? Contact Todd Jasper at (202) 408-0042 or email us to learn more about how we can assist you.