Integrated Logistics Support

ILS Benefits & Strategies

The primary goal of ILS is to create systems that last longer and ultimately require less support – achieving a higher return on the long term investment.

To achieve this goal – ILS addresses all aspects of supportability during the acquisition and whole life cycle of the system or equipment. “System” can be defined as : "The whole composite of hardware, software, personnel, procedures, tools and facilities. The elements hereof are used together in the intended operational or support environment to perform a given task or achieve a specific purpose, support or mission requirement."

The ILS process is also used to influence generation of supportability requirements, to optimize or simplify equipment operation and maintenance, and to identify how they can be integrated to minimize costs and streamline workflow.

Our Experience & Approach

We approach ILS from a broad perspective of supportability, providing comprehensive technical and analytical services during the acquisition process. Our support broadens into joint systems, where the Army is an Executive Agent with primary responsibilities for system development for multi-service systems.

We focus on 10 primary elements of ILS when conducting evaluations for logistics supportability.

  • Maintenance planning
  • Manpower and personnel
  • Supply support
  • Support equipment 
  • Technical data
  • Facilities
  • Training and training support
  • Computer resources support 
  • Packaging, handling, storage, and transportation (PHS&T)
  • Design interface


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