Manpower & Personnel Integration

The goal of MANPRINT is to enhance soldier-system design, reduce life-cycle ownership costs, and optimize total system performance. Manpower requirements are based on related ILS elements and other considerations. Human factors engineering (HFE) or behavioral research is frequently applied to ensure a good man-machine interface. Manpower requirements are predicated on accomplishing the logistics support mission in the most efficient and economical way. This element includes requirements during the planning and decision process to optimize numbers, skills, and positions. This area considers:

  1. Man-machine and environmental interface
  2. Special skills
  3. Human factors considerations during the planning and decision process

Since the beginning – MSA has been engaged in the process of applying MANPRINT to military application and our methods have evolved with the progression of the program within the DoD. At present, we provide MANPRINT services to the Army Evaluation Center (AEC) and the Army Research Laboratory – Human Research and Engineering Directorate (ARL-HRED).

Our MANPRINT- qualified staff tracks integration of MANPRINT principles within a system’s development. Similar to Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), we track the MANPRINT progress across the full development cycle for a system, from initiation of system concept through full evaluation prior to fielding.


In tracking a system’s MANPRINT areas, we inform the government of progress being made, and make recommendations on either process improvement or system improvement. We prepare inputs to formal evaluation reports for the aspects of human integration in these seven areas.

Recognizing critical technical overlaps with other developmental areas, such as ILS, we closely coordinate within the full evaluation team to ensure all aspects are covered, while eliminating redundancies in the evaluation process.

Recognized as experts in subjective data requirement development, user survey development, and processing and analysis of subjective data, MSA has created automated reduction and analysis tools to assist the government in quick looks at the subjective data, as well as a complete analysis for full evaluation of the system.

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