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Welcome to “MSA 2.0”

Posted on November 1, 2010 in Message from our President
2010 has certainly been a banner year for us at MSA, and it’s not over yet! We are stepping into a new era at Man-Machine Systems Assessment, one which builds on the values of our past, and embraces innovation and fresh thinking to improve our services in the future. Welcome to “MSA 2.0”. As our 20th year in business enters Q4, we are honored and humbled by recognition from our industry peers and valued clients and continuously grateful to our wonderful staff.

Bill Gates once said about the need for flexibility and adaptability in business “We’re only paid for breakthroughs.” In this spirit, I express my continued commitment to make MSA the best at what we do, not only in services, approach and execution, but in the way we treat our clients, our employees and the world around us. There is a new energy in our offices, a fresh optimism and a palpable dedication to the work at hand. It’s thrilling to see the direction this past year has taken us in and inspiring to think of what is to come.

Over the past year MSA has put a fresh face on our proven services with the creation of a new branding strategy for the company. The new MSA logo debuted in January followed by the launch of our new website, The improved aesthetics, content and capabilities of the site make it a great resource for company updates and news about our projects. We have also published a new Company Profile package reflecting our streamlined style and expanded capabilities. We have also begun to explore new environmental initiatives to make our processes more eco-friendly.

One of MSA’s greatest strengths is its ability to grow and willingness to learn, seeking opportunity and new technology in the world around us to foster greater pride, productivity and transparency in our operations. I remain excited and full of anticipation as I share this journey with all of you.
Lilly Harris
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