MSA experts have the specialized knowledge and technical skills necessary to analyze the most complex problems, quantify essential performance parameters, and design viable solutions. Because we focus on technical service and have no affiliation with combat or materiel developers – MSA analysts are never compromised by conflicts of interest.

Integrated Logistics Support

The primary goal of ILS is to create systems that last longer and require less support, allowing you to achieve a higher return on the long-term investment. The ILS process informs the generation of supportability requirements, optimizes or simplifies equipment operation and maintenance, and identifies how acquisitions can be integrated to minimize costs and streamline workflow.

We approach ILS from a broad perspective of supportability and can provide comprehensive technical and analytical services during the acquisition process. Our support broadens into joint systems, where the Army is an Executive Agent with primary responsibility for system development of multi-service systems.

Human Systems Integration 

By tracking a system’s HSI areas, we inform the government of progress being made and make recommendations for process improvement or system improvement. We prepare inputs to formal evaluation reports for the aspects of human integration.

We are recognized experts in subjective data requirement development, user survey development, and processing and analysis of subjective data. We have created automated reduction and analysis tools to assist the government in quick looks at the subjective data and tools for full evaluation of the system. 

Chemical, Biological, Radiological Systems and Force Protection

MSA supports clients in evaluating the technical and operational performance of Chemical, Biological, Radiological (CBR) defense systems and Installation/Base Force Protection systems. Our analysts have witnessed and participated in hundreds of trials of chemical/biological systems, ranging from laboratory testing to simulation trials. 

We understand the relationship between contractor tests, government technical tests, logistics demonstrations, Early Operational Assessments (EOA), Limited User Tests (LUT), Developmental Tests (DT) and Operational Tests (OT) and know how to use the results of each test event to develop comprehensive evaluation and assessment reports. 


With over 400 major U.S. Army and Joint evaluations supported and countless support systems - our experience is comprehensive and extends across all phases of system development and the DoD acquisition process (including the Rapid Acquisition Initiative).

MSA analysts have played critical roles in the testing and evaluation of: 
  • Soldier Systems
  • Chemical/Biological Defense
  • Information Systems Technologies - C4I, Combat Support 
  • Ground Combat
  • Counter - IED
  • Night Vision Devices
  • Personal and Mounted Weapon Systems
  • Reconnaissance
  • Air Platforms
  • Battle-space Environments

To learn more about our Test and Evaluation Services, contact Ellice Luh at (410) 297 - 9550 or email us today.