Test, Training & Exercise

The training portion of the TT&E program is the first step toward building your operational capabilities for continuity-related activities. Our team has developed customizable training materials to ensure each level of your organization has the “right fit” of information when it comes to building baseline knowledge of roles and responsibilities. 

TT&E events are aimed at three different groups within your organization.

  • General Workforce
  • Mission Critical Personnel
  • Executives and Senior Leadership

Exercise Design, Development, and Support

MSA provided design, development, implementation, and evaluation support for multiple clients during the TOPOFF, TOPOFF CPX, Forward Challenge, Pinnacle, and Eagle Horizon National Level Exercises. 

Using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Exercise and Evaluation Program Manual as a starting point, our certified analysts mastered the development and management of every exercise activity. 

  • Exercise concept
  • Exercise and ground truth scenarios
  • Exercise plan
  • Controller instructions
  • Master Scenario Event List (MSEL)
  • Evaluation tools and methodology
  • Recruiting and training for evaluators

Exercise events are developed for specific scenarios and delivery to participants focuses on pre-approved exercise objectives. This targeted approach enhances the sense of realism required to train participants effectively.

Preparation of Post-Exercise Report


Behaving like an independent auditor, MSA assembles a post-exercise report, also known as an after-action report (AAR). The AAR provides complete documentation of your organization’s participation in the exercise—including exercise objectives (internal and external), participant lists, participant feedback, and recommended corrective actions. 


In our experience, making the AAR a true reflection of the exercise significantly enhances the organization’s ability to reinforce strengths, mitigate vulnerabilities, and gain maximum benefit from the training exercise.

Questions about our TT&E services? Contact Todd Jasper at (202) 408-0042 or email us to learn more about how we can assist you.