We have built a reputation as a reliable partner to clients in defense, civil government and private organizations. Our mission is, to serve those who protect the public interest, strengthening our nation through preparedness, continuity and innovation. To that end, we have developed a range of services to meet the needs of our clients.


OT&E Programs

MSA has supported the evaluation of more than 400 Defense Systems. Our experience covers all phases of system evaluation and the DoD acquisition process. Our technical experts can provide you with unbiased guidance and help make the most of your investment.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological Systems and Force Protection
MSA supports clients in evaluating the technical and operational performance of Chemical, Biological, Radiological (CBR) defense systems and Installation/Base Force Protection systems. Our analysts have witnessed and participated in hundreds of trials of chemical/biological systems, ranging from laboratory testing to simulation trials. 

Soldier and Systems evaluations include:

  • Close combat munitions
  • Dismounted Soldier systems
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Enhanced Conventional Weapons (CBRNE)
  • Force support systems
We understand the relationship between contractor tests, government technical tests, logistics demonstrations, Early Operational Assessments (EOA), Limited User Tests (LUT), Developmental Tests (DT) and Operational Tests (OT) and know how to use the results of each test event to develop comprehensive evaluation and assessment reports. 

Human Systems Integration 
By tracking a system’s HSI areas, we inform the government of progress being made and make recommendations for process improvement or system improvement. We prepare inputs to formal evaluation reports for the aspects of human integration.

We are recognized experts in subjective data requirement development, user survey development, and processing and analysis of subjective data. We have created automated reduction and analysis tools to assist the government in quick looks at the subjective data and tools for full evaluation of the system. 

Integrated Suitability and Evaluation 
The primary goal is to create systems that last longer and require less support, allowing you to achieve a higher return on the long-term investment. The suitably process informs the generation of supportability requirements, optimizes or simplifies equipment operation and maintenance, and identifies how acquisitions can be integrated to minimize costs and streamline workflow.

We approach suitability from a broad perspective of supportability and can provide comprehensive technical and analytical services during the acquisition process. Our support broadens into joint systems, where the Army is an Executive Agent with primary responsibility for system development of multi-service systems.


HSEM Highlights

MSA has the tools and strategies to help you prepare your organization for the unthinkable. The key is measured objectives, tested plans, trained personnel, and an exercise tested program. Prevention is not always possible but preparedness is. MSA has lead, designed, facilitated, and controlled over 100 full-scale, functional, and/or tabletop exercises. This includes not limited to: TOPOFF, TOPOFF CPX, Forward Challenge, and Pinnacle series, Active Shooter, Hazardous Material, Cyber Security and Pandemic exercises.

Continuity of Operations
MSA provides the requisite knowledge and credentials to design and develop plans, programs and procedures that comply with Federal Continuity Directives- 1 & 2 (FCD) and NCS Directive 3-10 (NCSD 3-10) and other applicable Federal regulations. The MSA team will provide support to plan maintenance compliance, COOP program management, and administrative management as aligned with the clients goals for COOP and related plans. MSA's approach complements continuous improvement life-cycle management methodology by effectively utilizing MSA’s management tools, extensive experience, and quality control management concepts. 

MSA has extensive experience designing Multi-Year Strategy and Program Management Plan (MYSPMP) that form a five-year roadmap to achieve short- and long-term continuity goals and objectives. MSA carefully designs MYSPMPs and the subsequent performance measures to not only mitigate programmatic vulnerabilities, but to also strengthen the efficacy of our clients management programs. 

Critical Infrastructure Protection
Planning for response and recovery is only half the solution; the other half is preventing disruption and protecting infrastructure. MSA can develop, update and maintain your Critical Infrastructure Protection program. We provide: risk and vulnerability assessment, gap analysis, strategic recommendations for implementation plans. As well as project management and coordination with multiple jurisdictions. 

Exercise Design, Development, and Support
From large Federal agencies to small counties and colleges, MSA has extensive experience performing training and conducting exercises with agencies of all sizes. Our preparedness training and exercises are customized to meet the need of your organization. 
Using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Exercise and Evaluation Program Manual as a starting point, our certified analysts mastered the development and management of every exercise activity. 
  • Development of multi-year Training and Exercise Plans (TEP)
  • Natural and technological scenarios (including hurricanes, mass fatality, weapons of mass destruction, cybersecurity, active shooter, etc.)
  • Expert facilitation and coordination  
  • Design and conduct of seminars, workshops, drills, tabletop, games, functional, and full-scale exercises
  • After-action reports (AARs) and Improvement Planning (IP)
  • Exercise events are developed for specific scenarios and delivery to participants focuses on pre-approved exercise objectives. This targeted approach enhances the sense of realism required to train participants effectively.
Occupant Emergency Planning
An Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP) minimizes the negative impact of emergencies to personnel and property. We provide guidance and support through every phase of the OEP development process, using industry best-practices and collaborating with local first responders, law enforcement, public works entities and other building tenants.

Training and Course Development 
MSA delivers highly practical all-hazard emergency management training courses to professionals in government, the private sector and non-profit organizations.  Courses are developed using best practices and lessons learned from “real world’ catastrophic events, major disasters, and complex incidents. Our suites of courses are NIMS compliant, meet industry standards, and can be easily customized according to the specific needs of your organization. 
  • Incident Command System (ICS) Section and Position Specific Training
  • Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Section and Position Specific Training
  • Incident Management Assistant Team (IMT) Training 
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training 
  • Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Training
  • National Plan Development Process


Team Highlights

MSA’s team of experts can help you increase effectiveness, decrease costs, eliminate waste and provide more efficient services. Let us be your professional services partner and see where we can take you.
Program Management Office Support
We have spent years supporting government programs. Whether you need help with everyday office functions or project management, let our experience work to your benefit. 
  • Project Management and Coordination
  • Support Staff and Program Management Support
  • Program Audits and State, Local and Federal Compliance
  • Strategic Planning and Communication
Communications Management and Publications Support
MSA can identify electronic and hardcopy communications instruments as well as public and media relations linkages that support your initiatives. We have experience with the standard protocols for internal and external communication with interagency and interagency partners and can develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive Communications Management Plan that suits your needs.
  • Developing White Papers, Decision Papers and other Correspondence
  • Developing, publishing and distributing multiple plans, policy documents and reports to an international audience
  • Automated and Manual Document Organization and Archiving Systems
  • Pandemic, Emergency Management and Crisis Communications
  • Communications, Outreach and Events Facilitation
Outreach, Exercise and Event Facilitation
From conceptualization to completion, our talented team members combine the latest technology with industry best practices to make your event a success. 
  • Reporting 
  • Planning & Logistics
  • Budget Development
  • Financial Oversight
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Travel Management